About this site

Wren’s Run is a journal of my adventures through gardening and cooking.

When I started this, I came up with a few rules:

-I grow things that are delicious. I grow things that are impossible to buy in a store or are too expensive for me to buy as much as I want to.

-I try to grow things organically where I can but I’m not slavish to it.

-I only use bacon when it can be the star of a dish, so you’re not likely to find it mixed in everything.

-The best compliment for a vegetable-based dish is that adding meat to it wouldn’t make it any better.

-I am emphatically not interested in authenticity, so don’t argue that my food isn’t “authentic” ethic cuisine or I’ll be inclined to agree with you. Edward Lee says that when you call on authenticity, you freeze the food in time – and you kill it. The original Cesar Salad had no anchovies, but I like mine better with a few of the fish. I’ll always favor good tasting food over being right.

-I’m not into GMO debates, probiotics, naturopathy, “cleansing,” etc.

About me:

My name is Doug, I live in the Queen City of Cincinnati. I’ve been an Ohioan all my life. I’m a lawyer among many other things. I studied philosophy and history in my undergrad. I like wrens a lot and I also play a game called Magic, which is where I borrowed the name from.

The Legal Stuff: All of this content is original and mine and all of it is Copyright 2015, Douglas Linn. You may not use any of my pictures or text without asking me first (and I’m nice, just ask please). You can freely link to my pages, share all this and make it your new obsession.