Busted Hands, Plenty of Updates

Hey! It’s been a little while since I updated, but I’ve got a lot going on. I ended up falling while stupidly trying to stomp on a box and sprained my left wrist, so I’ve been hobbled in the yard a bit. No matter; plenty is afoot!

  • I put sugar snap peas and favas in the garden because they love this cool weather. The peas are climbers so I’ll be building a collapsible portable trellis and sharing that with you.
  • My cider apple trees arrived and I planted them one-handed. There’s so much that goes into planting them – they’ll be there for thirty years – that I almost felt overwhelmed with decisions. I fell back on my mantra – perfection is the enemy of a planted garden. They’re in the yard and waiting to be written about.
  • I innoculated the root, us of one of the trees with something special, but you’ll have to wait to read about that…
  • I planted twenty asparagus crowns in the yard today, using my new tiller to open up a spot in the front yard and work in compost. I’ve had a decade-long dream of growing asparagus and from high school to college to law school, I never had the time to wait three years for a crop. This is big for me.
  • I’ve got San Marzano tomatoes and shishito peppers planted in pots and sitting in the cold frame. Why start there? The seeds like a temperature over 70 degrees and the cold frame keeps them warm enough so that they’ll germinate, even in April.