Homemade Bacon, from start to finish.

bacon finished adjustedFor as much as I don’t buy into bacon culture (to the point where I mention it in the About Me section), I still like to have it on hand and of course, I love to eat it. When I have good stuff on hand, I can use less of it and it makes things taste better. I make bacon about three or four times a year. This most recent time, I was inspired by a recipe for sorghum bacon in Garden & Gun’s cookbook. If you’re not familiar, G&G is an obviously-Southern magazine memorializing the enjoyment of the house and nature. It’s a fun and ridiculous magazine to read.

I returned from a trip Down South a few months ago and Danielle and I bought a jar of sorghum at a gas station. It’s an ultra-thick, kind-of-sweet syrup with a malty edge to it. It’s not my first choice of sweetener, but it has a good complexity to it and a little bit gives sauces and braises a certain depth.

I followed the G&G recipe, reproduced here. Keep reading to find out how it turned out!

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