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Tsukemono, the quick pickle: an ideal snack

cukes up close

I made schnitzel and potato salad for dinner today (no writeups, I was in a hurry!) and I wanted a clean, tasty side dish. Well cucumber salad is a common German/Austrian side dish and it’s typically made with sliced cucumbers, dressed with vinegar, salt and dill – sometimes olive oil, too. I wanted to riff off of that, especially since I lacked dill. Enter tsukemono (skay-moh-noh) (correct me on my pronunciation, I know my Japanese-speaking wife is rolling her eyes)Read the rest of this post…

Quick Meal: White Bean Soup with Spring Greens

mizuna closeup

Thanks to my cold frame, I’ve already got a bumper crop of spring greens. The mizuna is going wild in our recent warm and sunny weather, so it was time to trim it out and make something with it. Mizuna is a Japanese green, very delicate with a peppery bite. It’s milder than arugula and at this phase, so tender. It helps that it grows in a wind- and rain-free paradise in that cold frame. Read the rest of this post…