Update on the Mushroom Farm

mushroom update

Constant obsessive misting has resulted in larger mushrooms. It’ll be fun to try these but sad to cut them down in a few days when they look ready. Expect a fun recipe then (ok, butter and garlic and greedy devouring). Fascinating how they change from blue to brown. My reading has turned up pink oyster mushrooms, but they apparently prefer conifer wood. We’ve got none of that down here, so these enchanting and alien blue specimens will do.


Back to the Roots Mushroom Growing Kit Review

Mushroom box

Awhile back, I picked up this oyster mushroom grow box from the local supermarket. I got it started and it’s been showing some good results, so it’s time to review this. I’ve seen the Back to the Roots kit for sale for at various stores, but you can also pick it up on Amazon. I’ve long been fascinated by mushrooms and I love hunting for them. Occasionally, I have dreams where I find money on the ground .They’re my favorite dreams. The closest I can reliably get to that in real life is spotting garish orange chanterelles or alien morels on the forest floor. So naturally, I was interested in getting that experience in my own kitchen.Read the rest of this post…