How to freeze chipotles

chipotle sections

I’ve been exploring Mexican food again with Rick Bayless’ Authentic Mexican cookbook.It’s a good season for something fresh, spicy and vegetable-focused. To that end, I’ve been using chipotles now and then. You can get chipotles in a can in the Mexican aisle, typically with at least eight to a can. However, most recipes only call for one. What to do?

I borrowed on the idea of preserving tomato paste by freezing tablespoon-sized portions. Turns out, chipotles are just as easy. You’ll need a can, a spoon and a plate.

chipotle plate

Arrange them on the plate, one pepper at a time, and spoon some sauce over them. The cover image on this post is your guide. Pop them in the fridge, uncovered, for a few hours. They’ll freeze up perfectly.

Then all you have to do is pop them off the plate – they’ll come right off – and put them in a plastic bag (that you’ve labeled).

chipotle bagged

When you need a chipotle, you can pop them out in single-serving sizes. I love tricks like this because it ups the chances I’ll have all the goofy ingredients I need to try out a new recipe.

They aren’t going to make your ice cubes taste spicy when they freeze, by the way.